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Welcome to Planet-Escort

P-E is a global directory website,

and we want to inform our audience and warn them about the specificity and legislation of each country where the advertisement is posted. We ask users to respect the laws of the country from which the publication originates. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility regarding users' non-compliance with the laws in force in theircountry. Therefore, we provide users with the opportunity to report fraudulent content that must be forwarded to the authorities of each country.

The advertiser must,

as previously indicated, refer to the laws in force in the country where the advertisement is posted and refrain from posting it if it does not comply with the legislation of their host country and 'posting' regulations. 

P-E is a directory of encounters between consenting adults,

and of advertisements from legalentities, offering to its users the possibility to meet other users, discover locations, an event in order to participate in a dinner, an evening, an event, or any other accompanying activity. 

P-E cannot be held responsible for any act occurring in the privacy of the users or advertisers.

P-E being a directory strictly restricted to adults willing to encounter other adults, the website specifies that it does not provide any assistance nor protection in case of illegal acts according to the laws in force in the country. The website is entirely independent from any subside other than those requested for the publishing of the advertisements in the directory.

The website and the legal entity moderating the website do not employ or entice any person for any activity that would illicit in some countries and do not exert any pressure on the userswho are willing to advertise and sign up to the encounter directory. 

In no circumstance the website impedes any action of prevention by the authorities of each country to provide assistance, control or verify any illicit action from any of its advertiser, in compliance with the laws of the country. 

The encountering between consenting adults willing to encounter other consenting adults is a legal practice for which P-E is only enabling users to connect with advertisers, with full privacy on the content of the advertisement. 

We warn our audience,

advertisers and users that the access to the website is strictly restricted to adults of legal age (over 18 years old, or according to the law in force in the country of the user). Although the website is equipped with an advanced parental control system and a strict moderation, we warn our users and public against any false statement for which in no circumstance the website can be held responsible for.

The administrators of the website

remain at the disposal of the claiming local authorities in order to combat the protection of minors. 

Kind regards,

The Planet-Escort team